It all started when I was six-years-old.

I remember being at my grandparents and my grandad passing me copies of the National Geographic magazine (probably as a way to keep me quiet- I’m a bit of a talker 😊) and I was in awe at the photos in there.

I’d never been abroad and I didn’t until I was 21 for the first time, but those images transported me to another world. Seeing pictures of the Northern Lights, the Grand Canyon, New York skyscrapers and Black Bears in Canada were all things I could only dream of.

Fast forward three years and I was bought my very first camera- a point and shoot Kodak film camera. I took this with me everywhere.

I started to take it to the ice hockey and speedway and took photographs of the players that I idolised.

I then started to work with the Sheffield Steelers writing match reports and articles for their match night programme in 2007.

I’d then show my mum photos that I’d take at the games. She was a fan, but couldn’t attend many games due to health problems.

She’d enjoy looking through the photos with me and try to guess who the players were.

When my mum passed away in 2016, I then used some of her inheritance money to buy a second hand DSLR camera, and I’ve never looked back since.

I’d use photography as a release to get away from the highly stressful day job of being a primary school teacher. Scrambling down a waterfall or hiding in the woods to photograph a deer would do just the job.

I have recently been named Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year and will be working with the Singapore Tourism Board. 

I have had work published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including The Times, The Telegraph, New York Post, BBC News Wanderlust magazine and more.​

I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph the likes of Michael Buble, Tom Grennan, Bryan Adams, Madness, Kasabian and countless others. 

I’ve also delivered talks and workshops on photography, demonstrating I’m the ultimate photography geek 😊

I’m passionate about shooting weddings, but just photography in general as you can see from the wide variety of subjects in my personal collection.​

I absolutely love wildlife and animals, especially dogs. I write reviews for Dog Friendly magazine and also do pet shoots. For more information on this check out my pet gallery.

If you’d like to work with someone who is friendly, dedicated, organised, funny, has cool hair (according to the children that I used to teach) and is passionate about what he does, please get in touch I’d love to have a chat with you about your story and special day.

Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year


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